Amma Massage

The Jabez Bodyworks Experience

Jabez Bodyworks is different because we use:


The work is authentic: valuable, trustworthy, and genuine


A skilled practitioner targets the deeper layers of muscles to release tension and alleviate pain.


For personal comfort or modesty, there is no need to undress.


A heated table provides relaxation and a soothing experience, like a warm hug.


It is quiet. You can fully relax to enjoy the mental and physical benefits.


Heated damp towels for the back and feet are used to help work out kinks and knots to relieve pain.


A grounding pad is used to reduce inflammation, pain, and stress.


Full Body Work Head to Toe helps to fully rejuvenate and relax the entire body.

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Happy Customers

“Joan’s massages cater to busy individuals, athletes and non-athletes alike, targeting hidden knots and relieving tension.  Suitable for all, her services help alleviate aches, fatigue, and stress, promoting improved well-being.”

Kelly Naquin Anderson

“Joan offers personalized massages targeting specific needs, effectively relieving discomfort and revitalizing the body.  Clients experience transformative rejuvenation and restoration, setting her apart in the field.”

Ryan Miller

“Joan’s nurturing presence and skillful massage techniques effectively treat injuries.  Her dedication to learning and personalized care creates an exceptional and soothing client experience.”

Katherine Dantin

“After 40 years of teaching dance and facing various injuries, regular massages from Joan have helped minimize pain, offer relaxation, and reduce stress. Joan’s therapeutic touch has been crucial for improved physical well-being and overall health.”

Tari Trosclair

Working Hours

Tuesday – Friday, 9:30 AM to 5 PM
By Appointment Only – No Walk-ins

Call: (225) 328-0584

Physical Address:
4744 Jamestown Avenue, #103
Baton Rouge, LA 70808