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Meet Joan Hoffman, L.M.T.

Driven by personal experience and a deep desire to help others, my journey into the world of massage therapy began with a moment of physical struggle that changed my life.  When debilitating knee pain left me unable to walk and missing work, I found myself reconnecting with a man from my past who practiced massage as a part of his Chinese Medicine expertise.

To my surprise, he revealed that my knee pain was not isolated to the knee

itself but stemmed from a more complex issue —a twisted torso that affected even the alignment of my femur.  Inspired by his holistic approach and the transformative impact of his work, I embarked on a path to learn and heal others as he had done for me.

After obtaining my license and training tableside with my mentor, I delved into the world of Japanese Amma under the guidance of a respected sensei in Phoenix.  Today, as a certified massage therapist specializing in Japanese Amma massage techniques and pain management, I draw from 11 years of experience running my own practice.

At Jabez Bodyworks, we specialize in Japanese Amma massage, offering our clients a unique blend of relaxation and therapeutic benefits.  Focusing on deep tissue massage that alleviates pain without causing discomfort to nerves and muscles, we aim to provide relief for those struggling with chronic pain and stress.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to make a meaningful difference in the lives of my fellow man, one individual at a time.  Whether you seek relief from pain or wish to unwind and relax, our tailored Japanese Amna massage techniques are designed to meet your specific needs.  Trust us to address your symptoms and target the underlying root of your discomfort, delivering a personalized and effective therapeutic experience.

Contact us at (337) 623-4442 to schedule an appointment and begin your journey toward relief, relaxation, and rejuvenation with Jabez Bodyworks.

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